Video testimonials : Lips augmentation with Hyaluronic acid injection.

Video before/after lips augmentation with Hyaluronic acid injections. Natural lips enhancement in 15 minutes. Enjoy this very pretty face bearing no make up at all !

Video before/after Lips augmentation by Hyaluronic acid fillers injection

Video before/after lips augmentation with Hyaluronic acid injections. Natural lips appearance filmed 15 minutes afer the injections in the consultation room. Anaesthesia with Emla lignocaïn cream, plus lignocain in the injected hyaluronic acid.


Lips augmentation

You are about to undergo a surgical or non-surgical procedure to obtain fuller lips

1-By surgery, which can be combined with another procedure. It consists in making a V or W-shaped incision in the oral mucosa, then making a Y-shaped closure, thus rolling the lip and increasing moderately the visible vermilion portion. The scar, which is internal, is invisible. For the first three months after surgery, the mouth and the mimic is slightly different. As this is a surgical procedure, it involves the usual risks of surgery (such as delay or contracture scar, haemorrhaging, infection and the risks of anaesthesia). The stitches used will disappear spontaneously after ten days. Cost for surgical permanent increase of the lip volume start at £ 2,500.

2- by fat transfer to the lips : This procedure can be done under local anaesthetic plus sedation or under general anaesthetic. Some fat harvested surgically on the thighs or hips or abdomen by liposuction can be processed, purified and filtered injected in the lips in order to increase permanently their volume. Initial swelling and over correction will make them look initially bigger than when they will have their stable final volume. Cost of fat transfer to the lips start at £2,000.

3- or by non-surgical methods, i.e. use of HYALURONIC ACID injections in the consultation room (sold under different commercial names such as Restylane (Juvederm, Perlane, Téosyal) under the labial mucosa and into the labial muscle. Upon injection of this product, under partial anaesthesia, there is an initial increase in the volume of the lips that should last 6 months. It means that the injection will need to be repeated. The cost for injection of one syringe of hyaluronic acid is £ 350. An additional injection, at the patients’ expense, may be required after the 3rd month. It is a well-tolerated product, which may involve rejection or allergic reactions only in exceptional cases. There are very rare cases of infection after these injections. For more information about fillers see form : dermal fillers.


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Surgical lips reduction

You are about to undergo surgery in order to modify the aesthetics of your lips (by increasing, reducing or curling them). The principle of this surgery is to perform an excision of the mucosa and of a strip of the lip’s orbicularis oris muscle, sutured with an absorbable thread. Post-operative oedema (swelling) and subsequent scar evolution will not permit to appreciate the final results until three months after surgery. Motility and mimic will be modified. When Lips reduction surgery is performed in order to remove foreign bodies such as silicone granulomas or goretex implant, it is then a complex multi stage reconstructive surgery . It may leave permanently dents or irregularities, flatness and uneven sides due to the loss of volume by foreign bodies and ingrown tissues.

Risks involved with lips reduction are those inherent to any surgery: hemorrhagia, infection, suture dis-union, wound re-opening, poor scarring, scar contracture, loss of sensation, chronic pain, allergy immunologic complications of medications, cardio respiratory or immunologic complications (sometimes lethal or invalidating) of anaesthesia. This simple procedure can be performed under local anesthesia plus a light sedation.

Video before and after a facelift surgery, rhinoplasty, LIPS REDUCTION and fat transfer.

This 39 years old Lady, had un-natural looking lips, and a gaunt facial appearance with heavy features, premature ageing, several descending lines and a lack of harmony in the mouth-lips-nose-cheeks-complex. She benefited from a Beauty Design surgery, I combined in one single operation a lips reduction, a facelift, a rhinoplasty, a fat transfer. An attractive and youthfull facial appearance and the gaze and personality revelation were obtained.

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Genioplasty: Cosmetic Modification of the Chin/Jaw

The chin is a very important component of the facial appearance and Beauty. A lack of chin projection can give the impression that the nose is too big. The combination of a chin surgical improvement genioplasty and a nose surgery is called profiloplasty.

Cosmetic alteration of the chin can be:
• A Reduction of chin : either by intraoral incision (in the mucosa) or external cutaneous incision, reduction of the osseous mass or projection and/or of the soft tissues anterior to the bone.The principle is to shave the bone with a rotative macine. Results are visible after a minimum of three months. The risk in this type of surgery is represented by the chin and lips permanent loss of sensation or modified sensations, due to stretching of the mental nerve. Other risks are those of surgery (hemorrhagic, infections, scar problems) or anaesthesia (allergy, choc, immunologic complications of medications, cardio respiratory complications of anaesthetics, which can be lethal or invalidating).

• A chin Augmentation: through an incision in the mouth or external approach, either osteotomy + metal osteosynthesis (cutting the bone and putting metal plates) , or silicone implant. The Silicone implant is often the best option with a faster and lighter recovery time of one or two weeks. It is natural looking and permanent. The implant can be placed either through an incision located inside or outside the mouth. I prefer the approach inside the mouth as being invisible. The later option is even lighter. Sometimes if the chin is not only short, but some fat is visible as well, a liposculpture through an incision hidden below the chin and two incisions hidden behind the ear lobe, will be done at the same time of the chin augmentation. It will be charged additionally.

• An augmentation and smoothing the chin countour with a fat transfer (see liposculpture and fat transfer): this smart technique can be done alone or combined with an implant. If done alone it can be done under local anaesthetic plus a light sedation as a day case.
• The risk in this type of surgery is represented by chin or lips permanent loss of sensitivity anaesthesia, due to stretching of the mental nerve. Other risks are those of surgery (haemorrhaging, infections, implant rejection scarring problems) or of anaesthesia (immunologic complications allergy to medications, cardio respiratory complications of anaesthesia, which can be lethal or invalidating). Normally, prostheses are very well tolerated and become part of the profile, which means that the patient in most cases forgets about it completely. • In both augmentation and reduction, the relationship between lips and teeth and the motility and mimics are modified due to scarring and volume modifications. • It is not possible to modify the lips without modifying these relationships. The scarring process is not totally predictable; therefore the patient will have to limit their wishes to realistic expectations.

Video before/after Beauty Design Surgery: rhinoplasty, chin augmentation, temporal mode lift

Beauty Design Surgery. This 30 years old Lady, had a severe facial dysharmony, severe lack of chin projection, descending eyes slants, dropping cheeks and jowls, nose bump too big. She benefited from a Beauty Design Surgery by Dr. Philippe Chout. A rhinoplasty, nose reduction surgery, a chin augmentation with an implant, temporal model lift, eyes corner lift by canthopexy, fat transfer to the cheekbones. An attractive, very natural and youthful facial appearance is obtained.

Video before/after rhinoplasty,nose reshaping surgery, and lips augmentation.

This young Lady did not like the bump on her nose , the dropping tip and the thin lips... She benefited from a rhinoplasty, nose reshaping surgery, bump removal and nose shortening and a subbtle lips augmentation according to her wish.



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