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In this website forum online Dr. Philippe Chout bad reviews the best plastic cosmetic surgery procedure and the one out of fashion. Review all Doctor Chout's operations, facelift, face temporal or brow lift, Midface thread lift, facial surgery rhytidectomy. The eyelids and tear through rejuvenation, the prices and cost reviews.

You will get information about surgical or non-surgical nose reshaping, by a nose cosmetic surgery specialist. The eyes surgery include blepharoplasty, temporal lift. The body countouring include: liposuction, liposculpture, tummy tuck = abdominoplasty, fat removal and transfer for breast or buttocks augmentation and enlargement. Non surgical treatment include Botox botulic toxin for lines treatment and fillers like hyaluronic acid.


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This young Lady, despite a previous rhinplasty done by another surgeon had a severe deformity, a deviation, a bump and a broad tip. She benefited from a revision rhinoplasty. The natural appearance, the gaze and personality were preserved and enhanced.

Video before/after rhinoplasty, temporal lift of cheeks and eyes, fat transfer.

Video before after facelift and blepharoplasty on a 48 Lady

Video before after Face and neck lift and upper and lower blepharoplasty, plus skin resurfacing . The patient is very happy with the result

Video testimonial of a Beauty design surgery : rhinoplasty plus temporal model lift and fat transfer

 photo avant-rhinoplastie-lifting temporal-transfert-graisse  photo avant-rhinoplastie-lifting temporal-transfert-graisse

This smart 28 years old Lady didn't like her protruding nose and her gaunt eyes, and flat cheeks. She research smartly on the internet and found my work and the other video testimonials. She contacted me directly then traveled to France to discuss her Beautification. She had very clear idea about what she needed and what she wanted.We got along and after three consultatoins and the usual screening process, including psychologic clearance, she benefited from a facial Beauty Design surgery. I combined a temporal mini-tuck and a rhinoplasty together with a fat transfert to the undereyes area. She now looks attractive, fresh and natural. She is very happy with the results and very gratefull. She is exactly the type of patients that I like to have, human, realistic and in objective need for help. I Dr Philippe Chout am one of the very few plastic surgeon who have a holistic approach of appearance and personaity, and can perform the Beutification in one single procedure. I am friendly and approachable, people can send me their pictures and tell me their stories and wishes

Video testimonial of a Beauty design surgery

This 39 years old Lady, had un-natural looking lips, and a gaunt facial appearance with heavy features, premature ageing, several descending lines and a lack of harmony in the mouth-lips-nose-cheeks-complex. She benefited from a Beauty Design surgery, I combined in one single operation a lips reduction, a facelift, a rhinoplasty, a fat transfer. An attractive and youthfull facial appearance and the gaze and personality revelation were obtained.

2017 - New Video testimonial of a facelift and rhinoplasty on a 43 years old Lady

The face of this 43 years old beautiful woman had aged prematurely. The combination of a facelift and a rhinoplasty did rejuvenate her face. The use of skin resurfacing medical creams helped the result as well. The personnality of this aristocratic face and its naturael appearance have been preserved. This video is also showing the early stages of the recovery, at day 5, with the usual temporary inconvenients such as swelling and bruising. Doctor Philippe Chout 2017

 photos before after face lift and rhinoplasty by  doctor Philippe Chout  photo before after face lift and rhinoplasty dr Philippe Chout
 photo 0 avant lifting du visage et du cou et rhinoplastie par le docteur Philippe Chout
 photo 2 avant lifting du visage et du cou et rhinoplastie par le docteur Philippe Chout

Video testimonial of a temporal model look lift and rhinoplasty on a lady aged 33
Dr. Philippe Chout forum reviews Video before after rhinoplasty, temporal lift of cheeks and eyes, fat transfer, facepeel skin resurfacing.

This 33 years old Lady had a long and protruding nose, a gaunt facial appearance related to a lack of fat volume under the eyes, the cheekbones and tear through. She benefited from a reduction rhinoplasty, a fat transfer to the under eyes tear through and cheekbones area, a temporal lift with an incision only in the hair above the eyebrows. A natural and youthful appearance of the midface and the nose and the gaze were obtained.

Age 55 : Face and neck lift, liposuction, facepeel, eyelids blepharoplasty.

The patients aged 55-60 wish to get back to their early 40's appearance.

This Lady do not want to become somebody else obviously. She wants to get here previous looks back. SHe do not want other people to spot easily that palstic surgery was done. The combination of surgical techniques, and medicine treatments such as facepeels, botox, fillers, to the surgery is very effective when procedures are appropriately selected and performed. Nevertheless , there will always be a period of 3 to 5 weeks before the patient looks good... I called this Lady Mrs Glass, because she had the impression that the loss of her good looks had made her beoce see-through, transparent for the gentlemen.

Video of Facelift and neck lift, upper and lower eyelids blepharoplasty, TCA face peel.

This patient was rejuvenated by 15 years ! The neck, cheeks and gaze look natural. The light pinkness of the skin is related to the current use of Dr. Chout's skin resurfacing medical creams. Interestingly this video is also showing the early stages of the recovery, at day 1 and day 2, with the maximum possible swelling and bruising. Plastic surgery video tutorial by Dr. Philippe Chout, qualified plastic surgeon.

Video of a face and neck lift and liposuction to the neck and jowls on a Lady aged 57.

57 year old Lady with a fat neck and jowls, loose skin to the lower face and lower eyelids. The operation itself, a face and neck lift, lower blepharoplasty is displayed here. Early recovery stage at day 8, and 3 months after the operation are shown. Very good and fast recovery. Natural looking result

Video testimonial before after face & neck lift, upper and lower eyelids blepharoplasty.

Older Arabic Lady with a very loose skin to the neck and jowls, and a fat excess to the neck. The operation, a face and neck lift, upper and lower blepharoplasty is displayed here. Early recovery at day 8, and 3 months. Very good jawline improvement.

Video before after rhinoplasty,nose reshaping surgery, and lips augmentation.

This young Lady, benefited from a rhinoplasty, nose reshaping surgery, bump removal and nose shortening and a subbtle lips augmentation according to her wish.

Video Dr. Philippe Chout reviews breast augmentation before / after

breast enlargement wit silicon gel implants large size dr philippe chout website reviews online

VIDEO before after liposuction and breast augmentation. Review Dr. Philippe Chout results.

Video Review Dr. Philippe Chout before/after liposuction and fat transfer video testimonial.

This young Lady, benefited from liposuction and fat transfer.

Video review Dr. Philippe Chout tummy tuck, liposuction, fat transfer to buttocks & breast

Video review Dr. Philippe Breast augmentation surgery before /after.

This young Lady, benefited from siicone implant small breast augmentation. 240 cc implants placed through an axilla approach. Very natural appearance and touch, having brat implants does not mean automatically looking fake !

Video before / after breast augmentation Dr. Philippe reviews

Video review Dr. Chout liposculpture and buttocks uplift and augmentation .

Video review Dr. Chout liposculpture and buttocks uplift and augmentation .

Video testimonials before/after cosmetic surgery, Dr. Philippe Chout reviews.

Listen to audio testimonials of Dr. Philippe Chout cosmetic surgeon, former patients reviews and recommendations and advices

Review Dr. Philippe Chout plastic surgery patients, advices, recommendations, evaluation of services. Testimonials after face neck lift, rhinoplasty, liposuction, breast augmentation , buttocks lift, botox , filler, audio .mp3 , images and videos

These former patients benefited from cosmetic surgery procedures done by Dr.Philippe Chout plastic surgeon in Europe.
Some patient did travel from aborad, from the UK, from the USA or other parts or Europe.
Many patients traveled in ordrer to get a botched surgery done abroad repaired by Dr. Philippe Chout. This is very challenging. Here are their audio .mp3 audio anonymous testimonials.

I thank these gateful former patients very much for giving me permission in writing to display it.


Doctor Philippe Chout webiste : former patients and clients reviews

Mrs. S. London, review Dr. Philippe Chout services after a Temporal face lift plus fat transfer, rhinoplasty

The patients review Dr. Philippe Chout cosmetic Surgery in Paris . Former patient and client forum reviews doctor Chout, feedback, advices and recommendations, audio .mp3,

Mrs. K. London, 30 years old ,review Dr. Philippe Chout services after a rhinoplasty and fat transfer

Mrs K. very satiisfied comments about doctor philippe chout, cosmetic surgeon in Paris reviews aesthetic surgery results and outcome.

Miss. A. London, 22 years old, reviews Dr. Philippe Chout services after a liposuction, rhinoplasty and fat transfer.

former client Miss A. lost weight thanks to Dr Philippe Chout, operation done abroad in Paris and paid in euro. Patient also benefited rhinoplasty, nose reshaping surgery, nose job. Vrey happy think worth it value for money. The familly stayed in a Paris hotel, and enjoyed french food at restaurant.

Mrs. B. London, uk health care professional reviews Dr. Philippe Chout platic surgery services

Mrs B evalusation of services quality is very good , that the Doctor is reliable and pays attention to details. and that no bad reviews on forum, or bad e-reputation is justifiied

Mrs Ai. 35 years old Portuguese Lady London, reviews Dr. Philippe Chout cosmetic surgery services

Mrs Ai is very pleased vith the outcome of her operation taht was done in France and paid in Euro. Worth it

Mrs S. Arabic Lady London, review Dr. Philippe Chout cosmetic surgery services

operation was done in France and paid in Euro

Mrs S. Arabic-husband-audio-testimonial review Dr. Philippe Chout cosmetic surgery services

The Husband is very pleased by the quality of services operation was done in Paris and paid in Euro

Audio review of Dr. Chout by Mrs. V. 45 years old , Geneva, rhinoplasty breast augmentation

Patient is very happy withthe results and the profesional care.

Review audio of Dr. Chout's services by Mrs. F. 39 years old, rhinoplasty Liposculpture

Evaluation of services : five star. Very good resulst

Audio review of Dr. Chout services by Mrs. C. 31 years old, Paris, after a rhinoplasty

Very happy with the surgery outcome, Evaluation of services : very good value for money , worth it

Audio review of Dr. Chout by Mrs. G, 36 years old, Paris, after a Liposuction breast augmentation

< Good result very good care>

Audio review of Dr. Chout by Mrs. B. 50 years old, Paris , after a face and neck lift , and liposculpture


Patients audio .mp3and video reviews of Doctor Philippe Chout surgery results and recovery.

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