Doctor Philippe Chout is a specialist with 20 years of experience in breast cosmetic surgery
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Having nice breast and a nice cleavage without push-ups is a very serious asset, that attract attention like a magnet. Same Lady shown above with a bra, then before and after her breast enlargement without bra.This is very helpful for the future patients to figure out their future appearances.

Video before and after a breast augmentation surgery, axilla approach

Breast augmentation via an incision hidden in the armpit. The implant is placed behind the muscle. Dr Philippe Chout plastic surgeon.

Photos before and after a breast augmentation surgery

best breast augmentation surgery specialist before after images dr Philippe Chout breast augmentation surgery specialist dr Philippe Chout
top breast enlargment surgery specialist before after photo dr Philippe Chout chest augmentation surgery before after photos dr Philippe Chout

Photos before and after a breast augmentation surgery on very asymetrical breast through an areolar incision. Silicon implants of different sizes were used. Breast augmentation surgery uses silicone breast implants placed behind more often than on top of the pectoralis muscle, behind the breast the actual patient's breast tissue. The quality of the result is relatd to the patient's skin and deeper tissue quality. The result is better when the Lady is not too skinny , other wises some rippling and double bubble ay show. The treatment for these is the fat transfer that should ideally be performed together with the initial surgery. Sometimes when breast are too big or sagging breast requires a breast up-lift mastopexy. The breast reduction is a different procedure called mammoplasty.



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Why have a breast enlargement operation?

The reasons why you may choose to enlarge your breasts include:
- feeling that your breasts are too small
- loss of breast volume after pregnancy (although enlargement will not lift them)
- a difference in size between your two breasts
- reduced breast size after losing weight

Before the breast augmentation Operation

The implants that are nowadays authorized have an envelope of silicone; it does contain silicon gel or physiologic serum. When they are filled with physiologic serum, they contain salt water. This liquid does not present any danger to the organism but it consistence when touching is often not that of a natural breast. The silicone filled implants have a smoother consistence and less folds but the risk in rare case of silicone leak is local granuloma or rare inflammation away from the implant.
The harmlessness of the mammary implants, at a cancer point of view, is proven, they do not provoke cancer and do not bother the normal surveillance of the breast. There is no association between silicone breast implants and connective tissue diseases. (Harvard Brigham's Hospital survey on 87 000 women 1995) The placement of the mammary implants does not contradict either pregnancy or breast-feeding, but pregnancy and breast-feeding always alter the shape of the breast. Breast-feeding is possible after the placement of the mammary prosthesis due to the fact that they are placed behind the mammary gland and do not interfere with lactation. The prosthesis needs to be changed after fifteen years (20 years in the best case scenario for silicone filled implants by the maker McGhan), ten years for saline.

Can the breast implant leak?

Breast implants leak in less than 10 percent of women and this usually starts six or more months after surgery. The breast implant often has to be removed. The contents of the implant can either leak slowly through the coating, or suddenly if the implant breaks open. This can lead to pain and an abnormally hard feel to the implant in the breast. The body naturally forms a fibrous capsule around the implant, which helps to contain the contents of the implant. The newer designs of breast implants have features to reduce the likelihood of the implant leaking or breaking. There have been concerns that leaking breast implants may be linked to serious health problems such as cancer but there is no conclusive evidence to support this. Mammary prosthesis are foreign bodies to the organism, their presence can create a fibrosis reaction around the implant, resulting in the formation of a shell = capsular contracture= encapsulation. The breast becomes harder, higher and round and even sometimes painful. If this eventual shell is of importance and resists medical treatment (external squeezing), an intervention to remove the shell could be necessary at the patients's expenses (less than 10 % of the cases).

Will the implant affect mammography?

Breast implants interfere with mammography, a low-dose X-ray of the breast tissue used to detect cancer.3 You should let the radiographer or nurse know that you have implants as special X-ray views can be taken to minimise this interference.


Breast augmentation technique, incisions and scar

The prosthesis could be placed by way of the axillaries (armpit), by way of the areola, or by way of the crease underneath of the breast according to the surgeon's choice. The final volume of the breast and the letter of the bra are variable between different brands of bra. The Surgeon will only place the implant that you will have chosen, and is not therefore responsible for the final size of the bra. The breast being involved in the couple's intimacy, it seems imperative that you obtain the approval of your partner before the intervention, and deliver him the information you have received. Photographs will be taken before and after the intervention. The Surgeon will take into consideration your natural asymmetry while performing the operation, but perfect symmetry is not guaranteed. A mammography seems necessary if you are over 35 years old (to be prescribed by your GP).

2 photos close-up of Breast augmentation before and after

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In both cases the incision was placed in the armpit and is not noticeable. The result presented above is displayed in a video below.

Same Lady Breast augmentation with silicon implants armpit axilla approach Photos and video

Video testimonial before after breast augmentation surgery, silicone implants placed through the armpit invisible scar

breast before augmentation with silicon implant  through axilla incision by Dr Chout breast before augmentation with silicon implant  through axilla incision by Dr Chout
breast before augmentation with silicon implant  through axilla incision by Dr Chout breast before augmentation with silicon implant  through armpit incision by Dr Chout
breast before augmentation with silicon implant cost and price breast before augmentation with silicon implant  through axilla incision by Dr Chout

Video testimonial before after breast augmentation surgery, 330 cc natural shampe silicone implants were placed through the armpit incision invisible scar. This Lady benefited from a breast augmentation with silicone implants plus cleavage augmentation by fat transfer . The patient grew from a small B cup bra to a DD cup. The breast are soft and feel natural. Observe the Body shape definition obtained by a previous liposculpture with fat transfer to buttocks. The patient is very happy and she recommends doctor Chout for breast and body contouring surgery.



Photos before after breast augmentation throuhg an armpit incision, 24 years old Lady
breast augmentation surgery specialist before after photos dr Philippe Chout breast augmentation surgery specialist before after photos dr Philippe Chout
breast augmentation surgery specialist before after photos dr Philippe Chout
breast augmentation surgery specialist before after photos dr Philippe Chout


Photos before after breast augmentation throuhg an armpit incision, 28 years old Lad

breast augmentation Dr Philippe Chout bad reviews

The breast augmentation Operation

Before the operation

The intervention is brief; it lasts about one and a half hours. The operation will take place under a general anaesthesia. A pre-operative consultation with an anaesthesiologist will take place before the operation. This doctor will be responsible of all the medical aspects of your operation. You won't breathe spontaneously during the operation, but through a machine. Some biological blood test will be prescribed before operation. Do not take aspirin or any medication containing aspirin within the eight days that precede the operation and that follow the hospitalization, due to the fact that this form of medication increases the risks of haemorrhaging. All anti-inflammatory drugs will be also avoided pre and post operatively. The duration of hospitalization is normally 24 hours; it could be longer depending on the secretion in the drains.

After the operation

Professional activity can be continued generally on the eighth day if it is office work. The cut will be closed with stitches. If these are not dissolvable, they will be removed about a week after surgery. Bandages or dressings will be applied over the operation area. Illustration showing the position of breast implants What to expect after the operation. You will be given painkillers to help relieve any discomfort as the anaesthetic wears off. Before you go home your nurse will give you advice about caring for your breasts, hygiene and bathing. He or she will also give you advice about wearing a special supportive bra in the days after the operation.

The post-operative consultations (7th and 14th days, 30 days, 60, 180, 360 days) must be attended by the patient and she should adheres to the surgical prescriptions and the placement of an elastic constraint that adjusts the position of the prosthesis and keeps it in place with the support of a particular kind of bra. The position of the implant and therefore the shape of the breast is controlled by the bandage in the first weeks following the intervention, hence the necessity to come to all consultations. The final cosmetic result is limited by the amount and quality of previous skin and breast tissue, but also their relative symmetry... After operation you will initially have a compressive dressing that should stay untouched for approximately one week. When it will be taken off, you'll take a shower every day, rinse, dry and apply antiseptic solution and cover with a sterile dressing. The pains that the intervention may cause, disappear after a couple of week thanks to pain killers and myorelaxants. The first two weeks, a tense sensation and a discomfort during normal movement of the arms are usual.

Bruising swelling and the crackling underneath the skin are normal and will decrease in eight days. It is usually possible to return to work after the 8th day. Sexual intercourse will be avoided for three weeks. You must avoid the loss of large amounts of weight, in order to avoid making the implant visible and perceivable. Sometimes one can see perceptible folds or ripples under the skin (less folds with silicone filled implants) this is a possible inconvenience in case of skinny body or very small breast and fat tissue on the chest.


Breast Augmentation, Breast Reduction and uplift, Mastopexy, mammpplasty procedures.

Breast augmentation surgery uses silicone breast implants placed behind more often than on top of the pectoralis muscle, behind the breast teh actual patient's breast tissue. The quality of the result is relatd to the patient's skin and deeper tissue quality. The result is better when the Lady is not too skinny , other wises some rippling and double bubble ay show. The treatment for these is the fat transfet that should ideally be performed together with the initial surgery. Sometimes when braest are too big or sagging breast requires a breast up-lift mastopexy. The breast reduction is a different procedure called mammoplasty.

Deciding to have breast augmentation with implants

It's important not to rush into the decision to have any cosmetic operation. And it's sensible to discuss the options with your GP. Breast enlargement is a commonly performed and generally safe operation. For most women who want the operation, the benefits in terms of improved appearance outweigh the risks. However, if you are deciding whether or not to have this procedure you need to be aware of the possible side-effects and the risk of complications.

temporary effects of a successful procedure. An example is feeling sick after the general anaesthetic. Anyone having a breast enlargement can also expect:
- pain, swelling, tenderness and bruising for at least a few days
- a burning sensation in the nipples for a few weeks, but this should go away as you heal


They are unexpected problems that can occur during or after the procedure. Most people are not affected. The main complications of any operation are bleeding during or soon after the procedure, infection and an abnormal reaction to the anaesthetic. Specific complications of breast enlargement include those listed below.
- You may get an infection in the breast. If this happens, the implant may need to be temporarily removed to allow the infection to be completely treated.
- Abnormal scar tissue can form around the pocket in which the implant sits. This may squeeze the implant and cause firm, painful breasts. This is known as capsular contracture. If the breast goes hard, further surgery may be required.
- There is usually a temporary difference in skin and nipple sensation following breast enlargement but this can be permanent.

Complications in this surgery are rare but may require returning to theatre:
Haematoma and infection, skin necrosis, localized permanent loss of sensitivity, chronic pain - Some leakage of liquids like lymph or silicone is a very rare event, they causes the replacement of the implants. Skin necrosis, re-opening of the wound, poor scarring, and keloid scar, double bubble. Implant moving while the pectoralis muscles are contracting, is more a side effect than a proper complication.
A shell (capsular contracture) if important can lead to a second operation. A shell can occur is approximately 10% of cases. Then the breast becomes harder, rounder and higher. Sometimes it can become painful. Fluid can build up around the implant. This is called a seroma and may require further surgery to remove. There may be a difference in size and shape between the two breasts,
possibly caused by your previous natural differences that are highlighted by the surgery. Remember cardiovascular, neurological complications, respiratory or immunoallergic, are sometimes lethal or invalidating with anaesthesia, they can evolve unto themselves.


Video review Dr. Philippe natural Breast augmentation surgery before /after.

This young Lady, benefited from siicone implant small breast enlargement with 240 cc implants placed through an axilla approach. Very natural appearance and touch, having breast implants does not mean automatically looking fake.

This young Lady, benefited from siicone implant small breast augmentation. 240 cc implants placed through an axilla approach. Very natural appearance and touch, having breast implants does not mean automatically looking fake !

VIDEO before / after breast augmentation. Review Dr. Philippe

This young Lady benefited from breast augmentation with siicone implants, large breast enlargement generous cleavage.
The implants do not show at all and you cannot feel them at all when touching. The patient's size Bra grew from a small B cup (not even full) to a full D cup bra.


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A very frequent situation after 40 years of age is to have sagging breast and sagging skin to the lower abdmen, especially when sitting down. The combination of a breast upoift mastopexy and a mini-tummy tuck with liposuction helped this 49 years old Laday to recover a good looking body.


Breast ptosis can be de ned by sagging of the breast with laxity of the surrounding skin the breast lies in a too low position and is concave or empty in its upper part. Breast ptosis can be present from the early development of the breasts but more often, develops after weight loss or pregnancy with breast feeding. It can be isolated (pure ptosis) or associated with mammary hypertrophy.
Conversely, there can be a ptosis with a too smaller breast (hypoplasia or hypo trophic). These aesthetic defaults be will not be covered by your health insurance.


The aim of this operation is to elevate the nipple and areola to a more youthful position, tighten the gland and remove excess skin, in order to obtain lifted and harmoniously shaped breasts. The operation shapes the breast by remodelling the skin envelope and concentrating the glandular tissue. The gland is concentrated and lifted a xed in to a correct anatomical position, excess skin then can be removed thus placing the nipple and areola back in a youthful position thus obtaining well shaped harmonious breasts.


The operation consists of remodelling the breasts by concentrating & modifying the position of the gland. The outer skin envelope is then adapted to the new breast shape & excess skin removed enabling an elegant shape & a rm breasts while also repositioning the nipples which were too low. The resected skin edges are sutured thus leaving scars. When the ptosis is very severe, the scars have an anchor shape, with a peri-areolar scar between the brown and white skin, a vertical scar from the areola down to the fold of the breast (infra-mammary fold). And a horizontal scar which is hidde.


The principle of this procedure is to reduce the amount of skin only (up-lift) or also breast tissue itself at the same time, and to place the breast higher by reducing the skin excess. The scars involved by this operation are permanent. You should inform your partner about all the aspects of the operation.


Before the Breast reduction or uplift operation

The amount of skin and breast tissue to be removed will be measured by palpation. Some photographs will be taken before and after the intervention. A mammography will be performed if you are over the age of 35 (prescribed by your GP). The operation will take place for the most part under general anesthetic, a consultation with an anesthesiologist, before the operation, is therefore necessary. The duration of the operation is approximately 3 hours. During the operation you won’t breathe spontaneously, but through a machine. You must stop taking oral contraceptives (the Pill) one month before the intervention, and must wait 2 months after the intervention before re-starting. You must allow at least 12 months between the time of the operation and the beginning of a pregnancy. Breast-feeding is generally impossible after mammary plastic surgery to the posterior pedicle. The duration of hospitalization (average of 3 days) depends on the secretion in the drains. It is recommended to come to the clinic with a nightshirt that closes in the front and a wire-less bra that also closes in the front. The model triumph sport Tri-action is a good bra that is available in all large department stores. Their size does not pre-determine the size of your bras after the intervention.

After The breast operation

The days following the operation are generally not very painful. Very frequently, the operation improves the back pain suffered by women with very large breasts. This also makes sport and clothes shopping easier. It does not eliminate stretch marks of the superior quadrants of the breasts. The sutures used are essentially re-absorbable; those that are not will be removed in the course of the first month, during the consultations that will take place after your discharge from hospital. Asymmetrical bruising and swelling are common and normal with this surgery, they disappear within three weeks. The areas undermined or incised regain their sensitivity in the few months following the operation. Areola sensitivity will remain modified. During the months following the intervention you should take a shower each day, during which you wash the breasts with a gentle antiseptic soap and gauzes. The quality of this care determines the overall results. After the shower you must place dry gauze on the breast, which is held in place with the bra, which will be worn day and night for a period of one month post-operatively.

You must avoid to strain yourself postoperatively
• Professional activity can continue a minimum of two weeks after the intervention.
• Carrying heavy burdens is prohibited for five weeks.
• Sports activities can be resumed after five weeks.
• Obviously, sex relations during this period should not involve the breasts. Or should be avoided.
• Breast-feeding after this surgery is usually not possible.

Scars are permanent even if they are discrete. They are situated horizontally in the crease below the breast, vertically from that crease to the areola, and around the areola. In the case of very extreme reductions, they may go beyond the furrow under the mammary. Their evolution is rather stereotyped, with a period of inflammation and itchiness during the first trimester. The final look of the scar is not predictable. In some rare case the scar could stay thick, red elevated, painful and visible (Keloid scar). Sometimes tattooing (at the patients expenses) will help to make the scars less visible. Massaging the breast and squeezing the scars helps to soften the scars.

The complications are rare, but may include the following:

Haemorrhaging, Haematoma and infection that could call for surgical intervention A prolonged lymphoma or lymphorragia. Necrosis of the areola and of the nipple are rare. The disunion of the scaring contours is minor complications, but not rare, that regresses with simple repeated dressings done by a Registered Nurse . Excess of Fibrous tissue Chronic pain, loss of sensations and sensitivity. A defective scar, keloid or dystrophy of intrinsic origin can alter the cosmetic results and call for retouching. The definitive aspects of the scars are not predicable. For the record cardiovascular respiratory or neurological complications of general anaesthesia, deep vein thrombosis, thromboembolism or immuno-allergic, sometimes lethal or invalidating from anaesthesia which can evolve independently.

The results of breast reduction of up-lift

The morphological results can be estimated at a minimum of three months after. The first weeks after the intervention, the breasts are placed high and rounded at the superior part. They place themselves and round themselves out from the first month on. At the end of the first month you must begin day massaging of the scares with gentle almond oil. The final aesthetic results are obtained in the 9th month. This intervention brings about, most of the time, a large comfort and an aesthetic improvement to the women that are benefiting from it. A retouch under a local anaesthetic in order to improve tiny details is sometimes necessary (seldom).

Inverted nipples correction

or big areola or nipple, this procedure can be done alone or with a breast reduction. The incision is located around the areola or below the nipple. It is necessary to have a dressing for a few weeks. Sometimes inverted nipple could go back in after the operation.

Breast Augmentation + Uplift ( mastopexy)

A particular case is that of a woman that presents, on one hand an insufficient volume of breast tissue and on the other hand a skin excess leading to a sagging breast (more than 22 cm between sternal notch and centre of the nipple). The only placement of an implant will not correct the falling and sagging aspect of the breast. It would just create big sagging breast. A re-draping of the skin by peri- areolar concentration, or preferably with an anchor shape T inversed scar, could be necessary right away or at a later date. This is an additional procedure that will be charged separately.



Video of a breast augmentation and uplift ; this mastopexy is part of a mommy tuck, with and abdominoplasty and a liposuction

After the pregnancy the breast of this Lady were very sagging. I performed the breast augmentation and uplift using an original Brazilian technique without vertical scar. The patient is very pleased by the result displayed after three weeks.