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Medical tourism Information guide reviews the information about top Cosmetic surgery clinics and and aesthetic medicine spa abroad, in Europe, in Paris and Geneva. The best anti aging care botox, dermal fillers, hyaluronic acid, laser, ipl, liposuction, diet plans . How to benefit in a short styay from the best anti-aging care, botox, dermal fillers, hyaluronic acid, laser, ipl, liposuction, bespoke diet plans, bespoke skiin care for resurfacing and rejuvenation, food selection advices and recommendation.

Doctor Philippe Chout has 12 years of experience in welcoming international Patients in Paris top Cosmetic surgery clinics. Patients travel from very far, coming from the United State , United kingdom, Switzerland, Germany, Australia, Ireland, Dubai and Middle east... Dr Chout provides his clients with aesthetic medicine , walkin spa care abroad during the week-end, or cosmetic surgery operations with a stay in the clinic either on Champs Elysées or close to Bastille. The best new anti-aging care under local anesthetic are botox, dermal fillers like hyaluronic acid, liposuction with fat tranfer lipofilling. Made to measure diet plans and food selection advice for a fat weight loss are available.

Dear Patients, I, Doctor Philippe Chout do not practice in the United Kingdom anymore.

I did not apply in 2015 for further licence to practice with the General Medical Council,the GMC. I did apply for voluntary erasuere of the Register. I decided to stop defintively my practice in the UK in 2015, thus do not practice in London any more. All my consultations take place in either Geneva or Paris. All the operations and consultations take place in Paris, where I now have a new private office as well, conveniently located in Champs Elysées area. I am on the specialist register in Paris the local council is Ordre des Mécedins, number 64 900-7 in a continous manner since 1998.. I am on the specialist register in Switzerland (41387) Mebeko since 2009.
Dear patients, You are welcome there and you shall discover it by visiting this page. Yours faithfully. DOctor Philippe Chout plastic surgeon.


When it comes to Plastic or cosmetic Surgery some countries have a long established tradition of high quality medical care such as France, Switzerland or Brazil, possibly the highest in the world. British or American people who travel to these countries are very well informed individuals who are not trying to bargain, but look for the highest available quality and safety. Interestingly it is less expensive than the United Kingdom ...
For some surgical operation or combination of surgical procedures such as facelift with upper and lower blepharoplasty, tummy tuck abdominoplasty or thigh lift, breast reduction for large breast, it is wise to enjoy a three to our days stay in the hospital with many nurses and doctors taking care of you. Then it is wise to spend a few more days in the same Country. For operations like rhinoplasty or breast augmentation a two days stay is enough. France is a Country with the highest medical standards in the world. The 8th arrondissement is a patient-friendly medical district in Paris.


Why travel abroad to get your operation done ?

Patients travel from very far in order to get natural looking results. They are horrified by fake look and un-natural results commonly seen in AMerica Because Doctor Philippe Chout is an international plastic Surgeon, with a niche speciality: The Beauty Design and the facial rejuvenation. This is rejuvenation or a Beautification of the whole Face combining several procedures in one single operation. Anything that is between a beautifying Rejuvenation and rejuvenating Beautification is Mister Chout’s speciality actually! Many patients would for understandable reasons follow their surgeon wherever he is, just because they want special results. They understood that it is extremely rare to find a surgeon who would be simultaneously good with rejuvenation (facelift, neck lift, blepahroplasty) and beautification (mid-facelift, brow lift, rhinoplasty, chin augmentation, skin resurfacing, fat transfer, buccal fat pad removal). It is exceptional to find a surgeon who will be simultaneously good at these procedure and fast enough to perform them in a short general anaesthesia, because the longer the anaesthesia the larger the risk. A general anaesthesia for cosmetic surgery should not exceed five hours.

How to avoid the unatural results, the fake-look ?

Many patients do not want to be just refreshed (ironed) but want to be truly rejuvenated. Then often they travel abroad to Paris to benefit from natural Beauty results. watch out and review the surgeon's results on videos ++++ Believe only what you actually see ! Your Surgeon should be able to show you past histories , with the different stages of the recovery including the bruising, the swelling, the stitches removal, the final scars. Doctor Chout will always give you this possibility on top of the oral and writtten adundant information. So Many American or British surgeons perform unatural looking facelift after which the Ladies, although rejuvenated, are not attractive after the operation ! Many patients look overdone and fake after a facelift in America ! Too many celebrities who where good looking lost their identity and personality. Pulled ears, overly round cheeks, duck mouth, are commonplace in Hollywood. Take a look ...

What is the required length of my stay ?

One day - For some simple walkin procedure such as a liquid facelift 24 hours is enough. The combination of Botox injections, dermal fillers hyaluronic acid injections, Mesotherapy , skin resurfacing by Facepeel or Laser, or IPL does not require a general anaesthetic, but a local anesthetic with sometimes a mild oral sedation. Saturday consutaltions and operations are available

- For a small liposuction of one area under local anaesthetic as a day case, fat removal to the arms or love handle, or undeer the chin , or upper blepharoplasty to the upper eyelids

Two days - Mini lift performed under sedation plus local anaesthesia - Rhinoplasty is performed under general anaesthesia , thus require one night stay in the clinic. The day after the operation the packing inside the nose is removed and the patient can go home , with only the drops to pour three times daily for eight days. The splint may be removed by a nurse back home. If you benefited from the preoperative consultations, and met an Anesthetist in your country who wrote a report stating that you are suitable for anaesthesia, 24-48 hours stay is enough. Other wise you need to meetour anesthesiologist 48 hours prior to the operation.

Eight days to twelve days - Face and neck lift requires to stay longer and being checked during at least a week after the operation. If a complication was to occur, it would be likely to occur (and be treated properly) in the first week(s) following the operation.


Travel by Eurostar or take a plane ?

  train Eurostar Dr Philippe Chout

The Eurostar is the most convenient form of transport to Paris from London : 2 hours It arrives at Gare du Nord, which is only a ten minute rides from the Milan Clinic. The Eurostar departs from Saint Pancras International Terminal in London every hour between 05.30 and 20.30. Total journey time is approximately 2.5 hours. You can therefore come on a Saturday for a consultation, have the consultation at 12:30, enjoy a shopping afternoon in Paris a diner and then go back home in London. First class seats (approximately £200 return if you book in advance a leisure select exchangeable once ticket) are very comfortable, slightly larger than second class, and a 3 courses meal and drinks is included. The carriage is always quiet and relaxing. We advise cosmetic surgery patients to travel first class with a leisure select exchangeable once: it is a bargain and the cheapest kind of first class ticket.

The Eurostar arrives at Gare du Nord in Paris, which is only a short taxi ride (approximately 10 minutes depending on traffic, costing approximately €15) to the Clinic. It is always advisable to purchase an exchangeable ticket in the case that you are able to depart earlier or are required to stay longer. It is cheaper to buy them at least three weeks prior to your departure. Outside the Gare du Nord Eurostar terminal in Paris, a taxi and limousine service Is available. You can contact

Information regarding flying to Paris. >

There are 2 main airports in Paris. It is advisable to book flexible or semi-flexixble tickets and to avoid Air Farnce-KLM as this company as frequent fligth cancellations or delay.

• Paris Orly Airport , ORY is 14kms (9 miles) south of Paris. Airlines that currently fly to this airport from London include British Airways and Easyjet. From the Airport: Taxi ranks are located outside the airport or you can contact one of the companies listed below to reserve your taxi prior to your arrival. The taxi fare into central Paris is approximately €35. There is also an Airports Limousine Service (tel:01 40 71 84 62) who provide chauffeur driven cars to Paris for €90.

Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport , CGD is the largest airport, is 23kms (14 miles) north east of Paris. Airlines that currently fly to this airport from London include among other : Emirates (excellent), Etched, BA, BMI, United Airlines and Swiss, Easyjet. • From the Airport: Taxi ranks are located outside the airport or you can contact one of the companies listed below to reserve your taxi prior to your arrival. The taxi fare into central Paris will cost approximately €50. There is also a door-to-door VIP service where someone waits for you with your name on a sign. This costs €75 per shuttle (1-3 people) and can be booked at UBER website .The drivers speak English.

• When you will discharge, a taxi will pick you up in front of the Milan clinic and drives you back to the station. You are able to fly in a commercial passenger flight (which has a pressurised cabin) from 3 days post-operatively. If you are fortunate enough to enjoy the benefit of a private plane or jet, the cabin must be pressurised in order for you to be able to fly. The only travel you are unable and not permitted to take in the week following surgery is in a small plane without a pressurised cabin, for example a piper plane..

• If you are undergoing an abdominoplasty procedure: This procedure has a specific risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) and pulmonary embolism and is therefore not compatible with long haul flights of more than 3 hours duration. This is due to the associated risks of long haul flights, where even someone who has had no surgery already has a high intrinsic risk of DVT and possible PE, which can be lethal. Therefore, patients who have undergone this procedure should not fly until 3 weeks after the operation date. If flying is necessary between the 3rd and 6th week post-operatively, the patient needs a S/C heparin injection and must wear compression stockings for the duration of the flight.

• If you are undergoing a breast augmentation or face-lift procedure: you are permitted to fly from the 3rd post-operative day.
• International patients are very welcome we will help to organize your Medical Tour abroad.


Paris is a world class City. France is a Country with an exceptionnal quality of care.
Dr Philippe Chout reviews aesthetic medicine spa surgery abroad

Dr. Philippe Chout reviews accomodations and hotel for international patients
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The office is located 21, avenue George V, 75008 Paris. Two Parking are conveniently located on each side of the road next to the office, with a cash-point atm nearby as well .
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On Saturdays the exterior door is closed and patients must ring at " cabinet medical" at on the right. Then You shall find a larege wooden door on the right in the corridor. Push the door and go to the white double door on ground floor. The cost for a consultation in English language is 140 euros, equivalent to £ 120 GBP, or 150 USD or 150 CHF, to be paid cash at the end of the consultation. You shall be given a receipt.
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Doctor Philippe Chout is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Paris and Geneva.


Review Dr. Philippe Chout information about plastic surgery procedures, cosmetic Medicine non surgical treatments.
Dr. Chout consults in a private office located, 21 avenue George V, 75008 Paris, next to the U.S Cathedral. The Office practice for consultations, and the surgery centre for the operations are located in the lavish 8th arrondissement of Paris. all operations shall take place in Paris the Clinic, located in world reknown Champs Elysées avenue. The Clinic and the private Office are very close to each other in the the same district. You can find more directions in Dr. Philippe Chout's website further down in this page, and on a Google map at the bottom of the page.

Doctor Philppe Chout was trained in France by the best plastic surgeons during his residency in Paris from 1989 to 1996. He has been a senior registrar for two more years from 1996 to 1998 at the Ambroise Paré Hospital, University of Paris Ouest, and got there a deeper knowledge of plastic and cosmetic surgery. He trained also in Aesethetic Medicine.



I have selected clinics and hospital venues with friendly english-speaking staff. Ohter languages are available. The Clinique des Champs Elysées is conveniently located at a walking distance from my private office. This large modern and well equiped hospital venue is located in a five floor building at 61 avenue Franklin Roosevelt 75008 Paris. Large private bedrooms and suite are available. Five operating theatre and a recovery rescucitation unit are located on the first floor. I also perform operations at the Montlouis Clinic, located 8, rue de la Folie Régnault 75011 Paris.
clinique du huitième arrondissement
The consultation with the Anesthesiologist and the pre-operative screening are done at the clinic. You shall meet the Anesthetist on the fith floor and do the paper work with the secretaries upon admission there. The Clinic do not handle my bookings, information delivery or clientele relationship. It is herefore not appropriate to call them. For all information please email me at or cal me at : +33 646 69 56 37.
clinique du huitième arrondissement chambre

After admission on the 5th floor, you will be accompanied to your room on the second floor. You will please wear ample clothe easy to put on, no make-up, no nail warnish and no jewlery. If someone of your family wishes to sleep at the clinic as well, together with you in the same room or in a private suite next to yours , this is possible for an additional cost.
clinique du huitième arrondissement bloc opératoire
Before being taken to oerating theatre you shall receive a premedication (a relaxant pill) in order to be relaxed when arriving in the theatre. After the operation you shall spend approximately one hour in the recovery room where the Anesthesiologist and nurses will look after you, before being taken back in your room upstairs.


Restaurants & hotels in the district


The Beauchamps Hotel is value for money. Otherwise the Four Seasons hotel, The Prince de Galles, Hotel de Sers, La Maison des Champs Elysées, the Pershing Hall are located at a walking distance from both my private office and the Champs Elysées Clinique.There are a few hotels located close to the clinic, alternatively you can rent a flat for a very short term of ten days to one month.

Consultations are available in Geneva as well upon booking.

The consultations before and after the operation can be done in Geneva. The operation shall be performed in Paris, either at the Clinic Champs Elysée or Cinique Mont-Louis



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